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In our existing house I just recently bought new drapes.  Since I am getting pretty big from being prego I decided to order them online. I thought this was a good idea until I ended up buying 4 different styles and 6 panels of each!  Poor hubby ended up having to help me return them to the mall (ughhhh…hate the mall) but I was too “fiscally responsible aka cheap” to pay to ship them back.

I wanted something long that will puddle at the bottom.  My current drapes weren’t long enough and they kept bugging me so when we repainted the house I figured no time like the present to update them (little did I know we would end up selling the house!).  We ended up using Benjamin Moore BM OC 13 Soft Chamois on the walls and I LOVE it!  It doesn’t have any yellow in it just a gorgeous neutral. I’ll use it again in my new house for sure.  

soft chamoise

I picked out a great fabric to have drapes made for our living/dining area however; I stated looking around and these were just as pretty and a great deal.  These are the 4 styles of drapes I ordered to “testing out” from West Elm.

drapes 1 drapes 2 drapes 3 drapes 4

So which ones did I choose? #4

living room 1 living room 2 living room 3

What will I use in the new house?  Not sure….guess I’ll have to get in there and see what I think once we take down the wall paper and paint.

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2 Responses to Living Room Drapes

  1. I love all of them, so you can’t go wrong with the ones you chose. They can work in any room.

  2. CanadianMango says:

    Hi Kelly,
    I got to your blog via the house call post on Apartment Therapy.
    All the drapes that you selected were great choices. One thing I would like to say – I found lovely looking curtains at WalMart, out of all places. For some odd reason, they sell them in packages of a single panel. They are patterned, too, and in the last moment it occurred to me to check if the pattern is in sync horizontally (my neighbours across the street have curtains with wide horizontal stripes and apparently it does not bother them much that the stripes don’t meet when the curtains closed. (It DOES bother ME, however). So I ended up pulling all the curtains out of the bags in the store until I had two that matched. Maybe this is not a problem at a store like West Elm but wherever the drapes for WalMart were made (most likely in China) the fabric is obviously cut by length with no consideration for the pattern.

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