New Renovation Project

As I mentioned in last week’s post we were trying to finalize a deal on a new home to give us the much needed extra room now that we are adding twins to our family in September and still have our 4 dogs.  We finally came to an agreement and finalized a contract on our new home.  In true fashion it’s far from move in ready and normally I would LOVE this about the house except that by the time we settle on the home, I will be about 2 months a way from having our twins (that is hoping they don’t come too early).

Here is a picture of the front of the house.  It’s called a grand cape cod, basically because it has the same layout as a cape just much larger rooms on the inside.

new house cropped

The house was built in 1960 and has great bones but is need of a serious facelift both inside and out.  The lot is the same size as our current lot almost a half acre, so plenty of running room for the dogs and soon to be children.  The interior has not been touched since it was originally built in 1960.  It has original wallpaper covering 80% of the home, original windows, and kitchen (just wait till you see those pictures!) and original black and white tiles bathrooms (which I actually dig if we can get them clean).

The one thing I wasn’t 100% sold on with the house is that has 4 bedrooms but 2 are upstairs and 2 are downstairs.  I was really wanting all the bedrooms or at least 3 bedrooms upstairs but oh well….if we hit the lottery we can add a bedroom or 2 upstairs.

Today is the day we find out if we have any major issues with our new house, home inspection day…..we bought the house “As Is” so I’m praying nothing too serious comes up so we don’t have to walk away from the deal.   I have a few pictures of the interior and they are all a bit overwhelming since the current owner has A LOT of stuff in the house, so I’ll share just a couple of the interior pictures (I apologize for the iPhone pics).

This is the foyer when you walk into the house…and yes there is tape on the molding from when they started to paint it red and no it was never finished.


Here is the living room with my hubby going “wow this is more of a project than I remembered!”


This is the kitchen…..just wait until I get you some close ups on the 1960’s appliances.


This is one of the upstairs bedrooms & bathroom.

IMG_8475 IMG_8474

This is the sunroom off the back, it’s actually super cute and has tons of potential.


And the basement…hello ’60’s!


And a picture of the backyard


So what am I trying to accomplish before these to little babies arrive?  Oh and just so you know we are suppose to settle on Aug 4th and babies are due to arrive at the end of September so we have hopefully 8ish weeks. Now if babies come early, all hell is breaking loose!  Here is the hit list:

1. Remove wall paper and paint all 3 floors 

2. Gut the kitchen & install a new one

3. Install hardwood in the kitchen 

4. Open up 2 walls -one between the living room and dining room and one between the dining room and the kitchen (all of this depends on the bearing wall situation)

5. Install french doors in living room going on onto the patio

6. Potentially sand & stain some or all of the hardwood flooring depending on how the color looks and if we can match the kitchen with the original.

7. Lay tile in the mudroom.

8. Install crown molding in the living, dining & kitchen (potentially in the entire main floor including 2 bedrooms).

I am fully prepared to not have a kitchen when we move in since this will be the biggest hold up but it’s on the list:-).  That’s all I have to update now…fingers crossed today’s home inspection won’t bring up any issues.  We are selling our house, it will be on the market tomorrow so if you know of anyone looking for an adorable renovated dutch colonial on a half acre just a few miles from D.C. send them my way!

Upcoming Events

* Rough Luxe Market – Monthly warehouse sale July 18-20th – Theme is cottage chic

* August 2nd – Paint Class / Chalk Paint & Milk Paint / Register online!

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29 Responses to New Renovation Project

  1. OK, how did I miss all this big news?! Twins on the way — yeah!!!!! You are one woman I know will have the energy to handle twins. I’m really so so happy for you.
    New house–congratulations. The yard looks fantastic, and the rest of the space looks like it will be a wonderful family home.


  2. Wow, that is one major undertaking. I can’t wait to see it all unfold. Good luck on the inspection and renovations.

  3. Janet says:

    Looks like it could take 2 months for the current owner to move out! I’m looking forward to seeing the rapid progress unfold. Good luck — and pace yourself!

  4. Suzanne says:

    Wow! Such wonderful news on your twins! Your new home will be beautiful when finished. What terrific “bones”! What an exciting time in your life and congratulations on it all!

  5. kathleen says:


    That looks like a wonderful house.

    I, too, love the old-fashioned black and white bathrooms. Classic. I’d try to keep those if possible.

    Strangely, the kitchen doesn’t seem that awful. Kind of like the retro vibe.

    Lots of stuff in there. How are they going to get it out in time?

    Also, like the front door a lot. You are going to have fun with your new nest.

    • hi kathleen! yes I love the vintage tile too and we are keeping it! the kitchen has tons of potential but with 2 new littles ones I think I’m going to go for a modern upgrade 🙂 but you are right once all the stuff gets out of there (by Aug 4th!) I think we will see even more potential! Hope you pups are good!

  6. Rasdy says:


    Leave it to you to out do me in the baby department!
    Twins!!! Congrats on the pregnancy and the home.
    We have a very similar home in North Arlington- had never
    Been touched since 1960’s. These homes do have great bones!
    “Modern Maid appliances which were discontinued in the late 70’s.
    We’ve been here just under 4 years and the entire top floor is done. Good Luck- and
    Try to squeeze in some naps for yourself between projects!

    (The lady who was pregnant every time I saw you)

  7. Diane Burke says:

    Just loved the pictures of your new house, hope you keep all of us readers posted on the
    renovations we love that! Thanks, Diane Burke Tinley Pk. Il

  8. Kathy Wood says:

    Love the new house. It has loads of potential for your growing family. Congrats on the twins. Looking forward to seeing the changes. I can see the little one’s running around in that great yard. Adorable.
    Kathy Wood

  9. Congrats on your twins! I follow your blog but I do not think I’ve ever commented. 🙂 I have eight month old twins, so I know the feeling of wanting to get things done before their arrival. Your home is great…lots of potential. Good luck with your soon to be new additions.

  10. Michele Flynn says:


    The outside of your new home looks fabulous and I can see the great bones BUT when I saw the owner’s stuff, I thought OMG! and I thought my house got messy. 🙂 Knowing your energy and can do attitude, this new family abode will be humming in no time! Cannot wait to see the photos.

  11. Wonderful news Kelly. My sister has two sets of twins 14 years apart. She always said getting one baby after going through the whole pregnancy was a rip off! Two babies is a much better reward. I would love to take a look at your new home. The house looks amazing. Great bones as you said, is the foundation for an awesome home your children will enjoy growing up in.

  12. Judy H. says:

    You know, you might start appreciating some of the “older” details after you live with them for a while. You’ve got a gorgeous, roomy home with a beautiful yard, lucky you! It’s fabulous!
    Good luck with your list. Be easy with yourself and take good care, those little sweeties are going to have a beautiful place to grow up!

  13. Stephanie says:

    Capes are my favorite! We had one for a while, upstairs bedrooms are the BEST if home is large enough! Masters are always downstairs with a guest room in the larger homes.
    Happy to learn of your fantastic news! Take it easy, in my pregnancies carrying single 9 pounders, the last month can be very trying. Prayers for ya’ll and just know that it all will get done eventually!

  14. Leslie Crisp says:

    Hi Kelly!
    We on the West Coast are all excited for you & James with your twins due AND a new house! Congratulations on both and selling so quickly, too!
    Being a lover of HGTV, and having bought 8 houses and remodeled several, I will love your blog to see what you’ll do. The house you sold was so cute! I’m sure you’ll have great fun making this one your own. I can just hear your parents! So where are you now considering where their house is?
    Enjoy, but don’t work too hard & get those babies here sooner than they should be! Love from us all…… Aunt Leslie

  15. Wow Kelly!
    Congrats on the twins and the house. That is a ton, but you seem to be the kind of woman who can handle anything. And the house does have great bones. I’m sure it will be glorious when you are done. But please tell me you are hiring out at least some of the heavy lifting on the reno? Best of luck with all of it!
    All the Best,
    Marian Cutler

  16. Zoe says:

    Nice house. We had a similar house with young kids and made the sunroom our bedroom. It exceeded all my expectations. we even fit a bathroom in.

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  18. MJ Taylor says:

    Congratulations on babies and a new house!!!! Love a good reno and I know yours will be fabulous! Can’t wait to see it all unfold!

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