Before & After: China Cabinet

Yippee! Before and after guest posts are back this week – and boy do we have a good one for you. This week our DIY submission is from Hetty over at Stone House Workshop. She is a multi-talented DIYer, refreshing furniture, crocheting, knitting – she’s even a certified knitting instructor – teaching children and adults alike!

This week she’s sharing a china cabinet refresh with us. Hetty fell in love with collecting creamy white ironstone china and really wanted to find a way to display her budding collection. She decided a china cabinet was exactly what she needed. Take it away, Hetty!

“Did you ever try to match your favorite china dishes with a cabinet? No, of course not. That would be silly, right? But what if you really love a specific china dish pattern? And you want the perfect place to display them?” said Hetty.

Hetty's gorgeous ironstone china collection.

Hetty’s gorgeous ironstone china collection.

“In the spring I started looking for a china cabinet. No simple task. I knew what I did NOT like, but I was not sure what I was looking for. It took me about two months and finally there it was! I knew this cabinet would look great after some work and believe me, it needed some work!” said Hetty.

China cabinet before.

China cabinet before.

“The surface is mostly veneer, so I did not feel guilty at all to give her a coat of paint.   First I cleaned her thoroughly and I washed her with a TSP solution. After that I used wood filler to make a the surface smooth and leveled,” said Hetty.

“I gave the cabinet two coats of shellac primer. I choose Benjamin Moore Easter Lily white in a semi-gloss finish (to match my dishes) and for the inside I used Westcott Navy in eggshell finish (had this color matched at Sherwin Williams and purchased a sample pot for $6),” said Hetty.

And here is Hetty’s transformed china cabinet – the perfect place to show off her lovely china.

DSC01316_zpsc921d9de1 9dca72b0-b591-40b8-810a-3de5abeb705e_zps3c5d06721

And, we have to share the hardware Hetty used on the cabinet – its little details like this that make a piece!


Thank you Hetty for sharing this darling transformation! We hope it inspires you to think outside the box and transform a piece of furniture to meet your needs. Do you have a DIY project you’d love to share? We’d love to hear about it! Submit your story with images here.

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