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This week is moving right along at the new house renovation project.  Monday we started with the demo and stripping of the wallpaper. We took down wallpaper in 6 rooms and had the walls prepped for paint.  Luckily the house we bought had the original paint and wallpaper from when it was built in 1960 so at least we didn’t have multiple layers of paper and paint throughout the house. One down side is in one bedroom and one bathroom the 2nd owner did prime paint over wallpaper (please don’t do this!) so in these 2 rooms the paper didn’t come off and they had to prep the wallpaper and mud the seams so we can paint over it. Not ideal but no other option with our timeline.

The other exciting progress we have made is gutting the kitchen and deciding on the openings of the walls in the kitchen and living/dining room.  This being my 3rd house renovation project I have come to expect the unexpected.  I did have many phone calls this week from my contractor regarding limitations they found when opening up the walls.  This is pretty standard and you just have to go with the flow.  The opening in the kitchen went for 8ft to 6ft due to a vent we didn’t expect to find and we have a few interesting electrical challenges to deal with but it’s all apart of the process.

Take a look at our before & after pics of these spaces as they quickly evolve!

kitchen before

kitchen after

kitchen dining living dining upstairs

The electrician comes on Monday to re-run the wiring in the walls so we can fully remove them in the living room and kitchen area and start framing them up so the floors can be sanded/stained/sealed starting Aug 20th (we are moving in Aug 27th!).  Then we will get the full effect of the opening of the 3 walls.

The priming of the main and upper floor started today so this week the painting will take place, then they will move to the basement to paint that area).  Saturday the flooring contractor come to install hardwood in the kitchen and mudroom and to also patch the floors where we are opening up the walls.

I’m hoping it all comes together with the paint colors I stuck with a neutral pallet but still when you are selecting colors for over 3,000 sq ft I always get a little nervous especially since time is tight we can’t make any changes or tweaks.  I’ll share the paint colors tomorrow, I was limited on the number of colors I could use due to time and since they are going to be spraying the paint vs. rolling/brushing it on.

Now I’m working on lighting for the entire house…ugh…finding good looking flush mounted lights that isn’t super expensive is hard to find!  Don’t worry I’ll share my all my research with you later on the blog.

** Follow along with the progress of our 2 months, 2 babies, 1 house blog series here.  Be sure to check back this week or on Facebook to see the progress I am posting daily pictures on our FB page and Instagram!

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