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This past week has been super busy at the house and we have make great progress (se past posts here)!  Much thanks to all the great contractors we have helping us from paint to flooring we really lucked out on the timing and everyone was able to give us 100% attention for the most part to get the job done.  We have some expected delays such as waiting on the kitchen counter tops (coming Sept 8th).  The main thing is that the house will be cleaned, painted and refinished floors completed so we can move in as we close on the sale of our house.

My mom and I were looking at the time line and if everything falls into place as expected we will be finished right before I start my 35th week of pregnancy which is when they say 50% of twins like to come.  This week they are working hard to lay the new hardwood in the kitchen, sand, stain and seal all the floors so next week we can actually move in furniture (exciting!).

We ended up opening up two walls in the house (see more here) to assist with the open concept feel of the house.  We were not able to add the french doors going out to the backyard.  It just wasn’t in the budget.  I’m actually ok with this because I want to see how we live in the house for a bit before we commit to that decisions. Here are some pictures of the progress….

house reno 1house reno 2** Follow along with the progress of our 2 months, 2 babies, 1 house blog series here.  Be sure to check back this week or on Facebook to see the progress I am posting daily pictures on our FB page and Instagram 

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  1. Nicole Hines says:

    I feel like such an under achiever looking at your blog and your store. Along with your house renovation. And those two adorable babies (congratulations). The kitchen turned out amazing as well as the nursery. I am absolutely house envious for my husband and I almost purchased the same home. Only difference was navy blue shutters and double navy door. Unfortunately it was under contract literally hours prior to the house being shown to us. Cape Cods has always been my favorite. And your back yard is amazing. I love the house we ended up buying it’s a traditional colonial but my heart strings still pull for the cape cod. For you and your husband to take on such projects is truly amazing. I applaud all of the a work you have done. It all looks incredible. I wish I lived closer for I would certainly be customer as well as a student. I wish you great success in all of your endeavors you definitely are very talented. And I appreciate the before and afters photos especially the kitchen. I wish a successful 2016 for you and your family.

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