Kitchen Renovation Design

200 2 months 2 babies

The kitchen design has been finalized. Here is the layout.  It’s not 100% to scale we are moving a couple walls in the kitchen I’ll share those details as they evolve.  I am playing with opening the wall completely between the kitchen and dining room.  We are also moving the wall to the basement over so we have more clearance for the kitchen island.

Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 9.21.22 PMI went with Dura Supreme cabinets in the Homestead Panel in white.  The island as well I chose a white base because we are going to do super white granite counters and then a contrasting  silver soapstone on the island.  We chose super white as an alternative to marble.  I love marble but wanted the durability of granite.  We fell in love with super white when we saw it.  Each lot varies and they have some beautiful patterns.  Here are a few examples of the cabinets and counter tops I selected.

kitchen with super white kitchen with super white

Here is a picture of the counter tops


I am still deciding on the backsplash here are a few of the options I am considering (most don’t look this grey in person).

back splash

And I am still hoping to do a blue ceiling in the kitchen.  The ceilings aren’t quite as tall as I thought they were (I think they are 8 ft) so I am not sure I can go this dark on the ceiling but I am going to see if I can find a color that will work.  Our floors will be a little lighter than the ones in the picture (we are going with light walnut).

blue ceiling

Follow along with the progress of our 2 months, 2 babies, 1 house blog series here.  This week is going to be exciting the paint and wall paper removal starts and gutting the kitchen and opening up the walls so be sure to check back this week or on Facebook to see the progress!

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4 Responses to Kitchen Renovation Design

  1. Lindsey says:

    We are in week 5 (hopefully the final week) of our full kitchen renovation. We are doing white cabinets as well but with a navy island. Our counters (which were installed just yesterday!!) are London Gray quartz by Caesarstone. And we’ve selected a 4×8 gray subway tile for the backsplash. Mosaic tile in Nova has a great selection if you’re still shopping around.

    Can’t wait to watch the progress and see the final product!

    Good luck!!

  2. Gigi Harlan says:

    I think with the lighter floors you could definitely go for a lighter ceiling and get the look you want. Love your cabinet and countertop choices!

  3. You are doing such a great job. We flip houses and live in them while we do it and it is so difficult to do that. Everything is looking great. Much health and happiness to you and babies.

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