Nursery Decor

200 2 months 2 babies

Now that we are getting ready to move into the new house (see updates here) I thought I’d share a little look inside some of the elements of the nursery.  This week and next I’ll start putting it all together.  Once it’s done and we have the basics in place I think I’ll feel better.  We are in our 32nd week and the counting!  The farthest they will let me go is 38 weeks so the count down is starting.

Stay tuned for actual pictures of the nursery and the house over the next few weeks, movers show up tomorrow!

nursery1 nursery2 nursery3

** Follow along with the progress of our 2 months, 2 babies, 1 house blog series here.  Be sure to check back this week or on Facebook to see the progress I am posting daily pictures on our FB page and Instagram

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