34 weeks pregnant

We are heading towards the end of our 34th week in our twin pregnancy and I’m definitely starting to feel it.  One of the oddest struggles I have is eating at a table.  Since my belly is so big it’s hard to eat with out spilling, ohhh the odd things you find out about pregnancy.

I dislike having my picture taken so I don’t have any fancy pictures of my pregnancy with cute chalk boards marking the weeks (I know I’m a slacker!) but I was looking back and found some bad iPhone pictures I have snapped along the way.  It was pretty amazing to see the growth of my belly.  If we go to 38 weeks it will be interesting to see how big I actually get.  It’s so funny to think how big I thought I was back when I looked so tiny (I can’t wait for that body back!!!). As a few of my girl friends have said my pictures don’t capture the width of the belly, since I have such big hips my belly is a wide as it is deep these days.

Many of you are already moms so you know that 34 weeks is a big week since the lungs are developed and if the babies come early they most likely won’t require any time in a NICU (yippie).  We did our tour at the hospital the other day, picked our pediatrician and have stocked up on diapers and winter onsies so I think for the most part we are (semi) ready for them to arrive.  We don’t have a kitchen yet at the house but the cabinets arrived Thursday and they will begin the install on Monday.  If the babies wanted to hold off arriving for a couple weeks that would be perfect.






 34 weeks! (the count down begins)


200 2 months 2 babies

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3 Responses to 34 weeks pregnant

  1. Gigi Harlan says:

    You are tiny! Especially for twins. I had one baby at a time and was was bigger at 34 weeks than this. Looking good!

  2. You look fantastic. I remember not being able to eat at a table around the same time last year. I hope you are able to keep them cooking for a while longer. I went to 39 weeks, and never thought I’d make it that far with twins. Good luck to you.

  3. Pam says:

    Hi Kelly!!!!

    You look absolutely great for carrying twins!!!

    I started to show after the first 4 weeks and looked huge by the 34 week when I had my son. I was hoping to see an updated picture of you being 36 weeks. That is one thing I wish I did with my pregnancies is to take pictures of my growing belly every two or so weeks and to see the changes it made on me.

    I hope all goes well and that soon we’ll see two beautiful babies!!!


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