36 weeks & counting

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We are in the final count down now!  I am in my 36th week pregnant with the twins.  It’s hard to imagine they could come any day (or in 2 weeks:-).  Most things are done for the nursery and the house is finally pulling together a bit more.  I am ready to no longer be pregnant that is for sure BUT not so sure I’m ready to manage them outside of me either!  It’s a double edge sword.

My excitement this morning while waiting for the counter tops for the kitchen to arrive (yippie!) was finding a little chipmunk in the house – yes at first I thought it was a mouse (yuck) but upon closer evaluation I saw it was a little chipmunk that came through the open side door and had obviously been mouthed by one of my dogs in the yard (yes it was Bai).  After I got over my initial shock I rallied all the dogs out of the way and my big pregnant body proceeded to get the chipmunk safely outside.  These are the days that I think to myself – 4 dogs, 2 infants, lifes everyday challenges and a running a business – hmmm this is going to be interesting!

Peoples reactions to pregnant woman are hilarious, when I’m with my husband he loves to watch all the people stare at my stomach. When I’m out running errands by myself I see all of the people looking at my belly and I know they are thinking “what is that woman doing out of bed!  She is going to have that baby in Home Depot!” (it would actually be pretty fitting if I went into labor in Home Depot since it is our home away from home.  Or I get asked all the time when I am due – primarily b/c I look like I’m going to bust.

I’m still semi mobile but I think these next 2 weeks are pretty much going to be low key for me.  It’s getting harder and hard to move around and standing for long periods of time is difficult (thank goodness for running shoes!).  Once the kitchen is finished (this week) I’ll start settling into the house more and spending more time on the couch with my laptop before the little ones arrive I’m guessing.

I know you all are dying to see pictures of the house and I keep promising them but haven’t taken any yet partly because the house is still pulling together and I don’t feel like it looks pretty enough to photograph but I’ll get over that and take a few “work in progress pictures” for you this week I promise.

36 weeksFYI we won’t be announcing any baby names until they arrive happy & healthy.  I’m sure you are wondering when I’m going to stop calling them “the twins”!  We have names we are considering but nothing set in stone until we see their little faces.  And speaking of faces I do have a picture of our boy from the other week it’s getting almost impossible to get pictures of them since they are so big but this one is pretty cute.  It’s going to be so interesting to see if they really look like the pictures.

36 wks baby boy

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One Response to 36 weeks & counting

  1. Pam says:

    Hi Kelly!!!

    I’d be one of those people that you say, ‘Oh Momma…You’re going to burst!!!!’ Your tummy is so cute!!! The best time in my life was when I was pregnant, so, I loved reading about your last few weeks being pregnant.

    I hope and pray that all goes well and that the twins will be easy babies!!!

    Take care!!


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