French Elements

Today I wanted to introduce you to Barb the woman behind The French Elements.  As we come into the holiday season they have some beautiful specialized items that are wonderful gifts for the holiday season.  A couple of my favorites are the stockings and the lavender pillows.
Many years ago while living in Switzerland, the owner of French Elements fell in love with handcrafted items.
She could feel the passion that went into every object.  Her pillow covers, European linen Christmas stockings, French bistro aprons, (all embroidered)  have all been made with passion by her.  She sees them as heirlooms for the future.
Over the years she has been blessed to travel professionally and personally. Of course, this has allowed her to visit some of the best markets in Europe and elsewhere.  She is always on the look out for that special something that speaks to the heart.   I hope you enjoy visiting her website and Etsy shop.

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