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With the new house one of the many decisions that we are still working through is lighting.  I decided not to add a bunch of recess lighting through the house primarily because I did that in my last renovation and found that we never really used the recessed lights (except in the kitchen).  In the new kitchen I did have them put in 6 recess lights however; for the rest of the rooms I am just working with the original lighting and adding floor and table lamps.

Our ceilings are a little over 8 ft so not super tall due to this the use of chandeliers isn’t the best option in all of the rooms since we are a tall family.   This brings us to flush mount fixtures as a great option except finding affordable and good looking flush mount can be a challenge.

Since I can’t go hunting ever shop for great flush mount lights being pregnant and all I started online.  The sites that I found how the best options and prices were,, lamps,,,,

Here are the lights that I am currently “trying out” in our house now. I haven’t unpacked the fancy camera so pretty pics will come later.  If you are looking for some additional options check out my lighting board on Pinterest here.

reno lights 2
reno lights3

reno lightsDon’t forget……

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  1. Carrie says:

    I love your store, Rough Luxe and posts – thanks for your hard work! I just wanted to offer a lighting resource that I’ve found very helpful for nice, reasonably priced fixtures:

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