Fall Mantles

Next up in our fall decorating series – mantles! We love mantle decor, it’s an inexpensive and easy way to switch up your decor for the season. You can store your seasonal mantle decor in labeled boxes to make it even easier. Or keep the same main decor elements (like vintage windows and books) and switch out smaller decor items (like vintage bottles, flowers, natural elements) for the season.

A great mantle should have a few different elements:
– Creativity: Its your place to have fun without a major commitment, like painting walls or purchasing furniture.
– Texture: Mixing materials like metal, wood and glass is a great way to add texture.
– Color: Whether its seasonal color like warm tones for fall, or coordinating color that matches your home. A great way to add color is with candles!
– Natural Elements: Branches, gourds, pumpkins, fresh flowers, stones – these are all great way to bring natural elements into mantle decor.

Below are a few of our favorite fall mantle decor ideas! Send us your fall mantle decor or before and after projects here.

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