Before & After: Mint Desk Refresh

We are back with a stunning before and after for you this week. You will seriously feel refreshed when you see what our reader, Valeria Fajardo, did with this a beat-up, forgotten desk. 

We’re going to let Valeria tell her story – because no one tells it better than she does!

I found this desk at Goodwill for just ten dollars one day, and I thought of my little boy who just started school and will need a place to sit and do homework! This is a thought that just warms my heart, if it ever comes true. 

But honestly, even though it cost so little, I looked back over my shoulder driving this beast home, and thought I must have lost my mind, buying this horrible thing. It was painted in a hideous reddish-brown paint, and the surface had been scratched so violently, you had to wonder at what type of person would abuse a desk like that. And the knobs! They were in all the wrong places. Who would think you need two knobs to open a small drawer?

I began by attacking the piece with wood filler. Wood filler, everywhere! There had been words like, “MOM” scrawled into the side of the desk, and all the improperly placed holes had to be filled in. Next, some sanding evened everything out, and took care of some of the bubbled surface.”

Here is the before photo of the desk.

image_2 image_1I mixed up some calcium carbonate powder and water, and blended it with some latex paint I had leftover from painting my walls. I bought new hardware, I just love the look of those little cup-pulls. I think they balance modern with vintage, quite nicely. 

I finished it with clear wax, created some minor distressing with sandpaper and dark wax, followed by another coat of clear wax….and here is the finished product! I love it so much. This is where I work on my data analysis when I work from home, and it’s where my little boy draws pictures and practices his writing. I now can’t even contain my enthusiasm for every beat-up old desk or table I see now at yard sales, because they all hold so much potential. Can’t wait for my next project!”

And here is the finished project.

image_5 image_3

We LOVE this project Valeria! The minty-cool color of the desk is totally relaxing and creates the perfect space for getting work done. The finished project is vintage and modern!

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  1. Gigi Harlan says:

    Wow what a gorgeous transformation! Excellent!

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