Styling Your Shelves

In our new home we have built in’s that flank our fireplace.  I have grand ideas for styling/decorating them and would even love to do something fun on the back side of them to draw some interest in.  I’m imaging using a botanical stencil and some gold metallic paint (hopefully before the twins turn 1, lol).  I personally like to mix a variety of items in a shelving unit of bookcase – books, photos, art, vintage finds or items you might collect.  Styling areas like this in your home is where you show of your interests lots of times and it’s a fun way to express your own personal style.  Many times these styles areas happen over the years.

Here is a picture of the shelving when we bought the house and then after we first moved in.  The furniture has already been moved around we have a new console for the TV, etc. it’s not anywhere close to where I want it to be so I’m not posting actual before & after pics yet since I haven’t even really begun to decorate!  One thing I did do was added pretty knobs from Anthropologie to the doors on the bottom….love them!

IMG_8776 IMG_9167

Here are some inspirational styled shelves for those of you in the same boat as I am!  I prefer to keep things a little less cluttered than most but love many of the elements in these images all found via pinterest.

shelves1 shelves2 shelves3 shelves4 shelves5 shelves6
shelves8 shelves9 shelves10 shelves11

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