House Update + Buffet Love

It’s hard to even know where to start in giving you an update on the house.  After the initial renovation the babies came and then life got crazy adjusting to them and then the holidays came swooping in.  I kept saying “it’s going to take me a year to get this house organized” I don’t think it will take a full year but I am taking my time and really trying to collect a lovely mix of old and new pieces.  It’s slowly coming along.  I have started to hang some pictures (primarily vintage) and bring in a few fabulous pieces that I have found over the last couple months.  I have also incorporated a few items that I have had for a while and just didn’t have a place for in the old house. All these I will share pictures with you gradually over the next few months as I share areas of the my home as I pull them together.

This is my new favorite piece.  It is a marble top buffet that is really just gorgeous, I have a feeling it’s French but it’s not marked.  I saw it and immediately fell in love.  Between the carvings and the marble top it had to be mine.  It is in my dining room and I just adore it every time I see it.  It represents everything about vintage pieces that I love.  The painting as well is one of my all time favorites that I have ever found.  It’s actually done by a local Washington D.C. painter and is signed.

IMG_0993IMG_1050This is another angle of the buffet from the kitchen.  You can also see the dining table and chairs.  This is in the midst of a change.  The dining table is a place holder for the time being I am actually thinking of stripping the top of the table and painting the legs until I find a table that I like.  Currently there is just too much of the same color wood in that room for me.  I am hoping to get to this project next week so I’ll be sharing before and after pictures as I go along.

The 3 pieces of art on the wall to the left in the picture as well are vintage and I adore them.  I’m a bit of a sucker for interesting vintage art.  I don’t care if the frames are a little beat up or the matting is stained to me these aging signs add character and interest.  As I share different areas of the house you will see a theme of vintage art throughout most of the rooms in the house.

Well that is all I have for now stay tuned for more pictures of the house….I promise I will get my fancy camera up and running again soon.  If you really want a treat look at the BEFORE pictures of the house here and see what the dining room/living room areas looked like!  Here is a gallery of some of the before pics!


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