Antibes + Graphite = ?

I know I have been a complete slacker with blogging since the kiddos have come along but I am finally coming out of the fog and getting in gear!  Tomorrow (hopefully) we will be creating a “designer + paint nook” in the shop soon to be filled with tons of inspirational photos, ideas and color mixes for you to play around with!  My resolution is to start back up with my Colorful Monday posts each week with a new color mix for you guys.  In conjunction we will be taking the colors we like the most and making sample boards of them in the shop so you can see them live and in person.

Here is the color mix for today it is 1:1 Antibes Green + Graphite.  Keep in mind this was created using the online paint mixed from The Purple Painted lady so it’s not 100% accurate but pretty good!  I have always loved MMS Milk Paint color Boxwood.  This color mix reminds me of that color.  I’m going to have to make a board for this color….happy painting. Come visit us in the shop and show us what you are working on….

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 9.37.51 PM


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