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I have many of you asking what in the heck is going on in my home 🙂 Well……lots …. honestly I haven’t been posting pics go my home because I’ve been working with a few amazing design clients and their homes have been coming first:-)  I am in a bit of a much to get my home pulled together a little more since we will be having a small gathering this coming weekend.  This is leading me to pull out some of my favorite pieces from the warehouse. I have had my eye on a buffet and dining table that I found a few weeks ago and decided to keep them.  Also I’m working on window treatments and finally selecting a chandelier for my kitchen.

I haven’t had time to pull out the nice camera and take pictures (this is the other reason I haven’t been sharing much).  I feel guilty posting just iPhone picture BUT this momma of 2 and owner of 2 businesses just doesn’t have the time she used to so you guys are going to be getting less fancy pics…..sorry!

Here are a few “real life” pictures of the kitchen and dining room…nothing staged and yes a bit of a mess.  But you can tale a peek inside my messy world.  Here is the dining room …

IMG_2558 IMG_2560

The fancy head chairs are not very practical for us so they are temporary until I find something else..I love them but they are a bit “fussy” as one of my design clients would say for our life.

Here is the kitchen…the art above the buffet with end up being a gallery wall over time…

IMG_2559 IMG_2582

Thats all I got for you now…I’ll post pictures in a week or so once it’s all finished …and by finished I mean finished for now (until I find something I like better)! And yes many of you might be saying “she doesn’t have a lot of painted furniture in her house?”  This is true….not because I don’t love it I do but right now all the pieces I am working with I love in their natural state and couldn’t bring myself to paint them (at least not yet!).

MARK YOUR CALENDARS!  Come and see us May 29,30,31st at Rough Luxe Vintage Warehouse Sale the theme is DIY Wedding / Party Ideas!

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