Color mixing with Chalk Paint®

I was playing around during nap time (for the twins) the other day and mixing a bunch of new colors for our customers to see at the shop.  I loved this bright eggplant / mauve color.  I mixed Greek Blue with Burgundy.  The color mix is heavy on the greek blue with just a touch of the Burgundy.  If you want lighter purple/lavender just back off the burgundy.  The greek blue already has a lavender undertone.


I also played around with a little gilding wax in silver and kings gold over the sample.  I am loving the silver with it!  The more I look at the sample the more it reminds me of the color of the year.  The color of the year has a bit more red in it maybe use primer red…..


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** July 11th next paint class – register online here or in the shop

**  July 31 – Aug 2nd // Theme is Coastal Living

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