FREE Paint Brush

PROMOTION EXTENDED from Tuesday June 16 – June 20th at midnight. We are doing a little promotion in the shop and online to help you all get motivated to “refresh your space”! If you buy $100 in any of our paint lines online or in the shop (full priced items $100 before tax) you will give you one of our small oval Italian paint brushes (value $30.50).  Come in and see us! $100 sale

Join us June 26-28th for Rough Luxe Market at our local Falls Church warehouse!

June RL

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One Response to FREE Paint Brush

  1. Kathy says:

    While I love AS paint and purchase it from you (usually in small quantities, a couple at a time), there are probably many people who cannot afford to purchase $100 worth of paint at one time that would love the opportunity to have a nice brush. Please be mindful of your supporters and what their financial circumstances might be. Maybe you could offer a program that after purchasing a certain amount of paint you are entitled to a nice brush. Just an idea. A giveaway is also a great idea for those who might like to try the paints you offer or a new brush. Thanks!

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