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Today is more of a personal post about adjusting after having kids.  Now that I’m a mom obviously different things interest me and are relevant.  For the time being one of my favorite blogs is  This blog is only for you if you are a no BS kinda person.  It’s sarcastic and very very real….and I LOVE it!  So many times I get it in my email box and the articles relate to something I am or have recent been dealing with.  My latest favorite is this article written by a dad “5 things I never should have said to my wife after our first child”.  This article should be given in the new dad 101 book at baby showers.

I would bet 65% of my readers and customers are already moms so for you much of this is old hat but for me and any other new moms out there this mommy stuff takes some adjusting!  I have had some pretty demanding jobs and this one tops them all.  That being said for those of you that are like me and just getting started with this mom thing it gets better and easier.  In the first 3 months I didn’t believe it but around month 4/5 months a shift happened I think for them and for me and it was more enjoyable.  For me once I started getting some sleep and life became more manageable.  So if you too are a  new mom just holding on for dear life keep on a chugging and know that yes there is light at the end of the tunnel….and if you need a little moral support send me a message on FB or an email.  I had people reach out and be sounding boards for me that I didn’t even know that well they were true lifesavers and made me feel like I wasn’t crazy.

My latest project is getting back into an exercise routine.  This is really more for my sanity than anyone else.  Exercise has always been an outlet for me and I wasn’t able to exercise during my pregnancy and until recently I was too exhausted juggling work and kids to consider it. Recently I think my body finally caught up on the sleep loss and the kids have been sleeping through the night (Peyton since 3 months Liam since 5 month) for a few months and so I am a little more human now.   I’ve been attempting to get up at 6/6:30 am and either run/lift or working.  I am on week 2 so it’s still new but it has felt nice to claim back a little bit of my old self and an hour or two of solitude.  I’m hoping I can keep it up…….

Happy Monday!

June RL

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