Peyton & Liam Update

So my little munchkins are turning 9 months today!  I just can’t believe they are so big and growing so fast.  The latest new with each of them….


Liam finally beat his sister at something, he got his first tooth!  Other than that he is now doing the army crawl and considering popping up onto his knees (he’s not sure is it’s worth the effort).  He LOVES to eat and tells me this every time the solid food portion of our eating is over by screaming (gotta love that). He still loves music and any toy that talks or sings to him.  His sister continues to man handle him however; he is now taller than she is so eventually I think he will be putting her in her place. He has an obsession with pretty knobs and loves to drive his “car” (walker) to all of the pretty knobs on the furniture and check them out closely then moves on to all the doors etc. in the kitchen to open ands close them 1,000 times.  This is the life of Liam at 9 months.


As usually she is a handful of energy.  Her all time favorite thing to do is stand.  She crawls (on her knees) to anything that she can pull up on and stands there looking around, testing out the one handed hold on and then prancing her little feet.  She even likes to walk holding onto whatever she has pulled up on.  She loves to take anything her brother has away from him this might be her second favorite past time. Oh and there is the standing in the crib this too is a favorite (you see the standing thing again).  She still is in love with her boyfriend Henry down the street and gets a big grin every time she sees him.  She also loves her daddy, I have a feeling she will most definitely be a daddy’s girl.  This is the life of Peyton at 9 months.

They both are loving the dogs now too they had seen them before but now they like to really watch them.  As for talking we have lots of babbling going on but no talking yet. We will be testing out the pool soon so that should be fun!  Thank you to all of you that I have met in person recently (and some that I haven’t met yet!) that follow the blog and have send well wishes and gifts!  After our very long struggle to get pregnant we feel so lucky to have these little Stylish Patina babies in our lives.  Here are a few recent pictures.


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