Pickin’ in NY

I wanted to share of few of my fun finds so far from upstate NY.  Some of these will be for sale when I get back and other might go in my personal collection:-)

I adore these insulators primarily for their color.  These are all stamped made in the USA and most dated ’40 / ’42.  I have some really old one. Folks do tons of craft things with them but I like them as just objects of interest in a home.


Next are these fun vintage scout books.  I just could say no to them or the vintage scale (I have an obsession with books and scales).IMG_4402

I few more interesting books…I like dictionaries for some odd reason and then I found these funky vintage european road maps.
IMG_4403 IMG_4405

Then there was this fabulous set of wood stadium seats!  Obsessed these might not be for sale….I can see them in a mudroom where you sit and take of your shoes and hang up your coat or at a breakfast nook.IMG_4406 IMG_4407 IMG_4408 IMG_4409 IMG_4412

And then there were the vintage wood polo mallets, to die for.  These will not be for sale they are going to be hung in my home in an x pattern…where? no idea yet!IMG_4414Thats all of now but more to come tomorrow!

A little hello for Liam & Peyton…



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  1. hi Kelly – looks like you’ve had a good haul and lots of fun. love the seats also

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