One busy summer

The last few weeks I have been a bit over my head trying to keep up with work and family.  I decided to make a few key business growth decisions and as usual it’s not the best timing for me personally but isn’t that how life goes.  As my mom would say as soon as things start to go smoothly I tend to dump the apple cart by starting a new project.  I always did this when I was working in the corporate world it usually meant taking a bigger job, more travel, getting my MBA while working full time, etc.  I can’t help it I like growth and change.  I do curse myself when I’m drowning in the details and have a hard time getting caught up but such is life….

A little update on what is going on some details I am not sharing yet until they are a signed and a done deal.  We just implemented a new point of sale system (POS) in the shop which is always a bit of a mess it means changes in your inventory, accounting and then you have to learn how to use it!  I made this swap because it gives me the ability to login from home and do things like purchase orders and see all the sales in the shop.  I am loving it so far!  It also has a new e-commerce aspect we are working to get up and running that runs off the same inventory system which I love and was the death of us in the old system.

If you have been in the shop lately you might notice we painted the walls!  Yippie they are done on BM Grey Owl and I really love them.  Sarah and I pulled a 7-7 day one Monday and helped the painters move everything off the walls and then back on them again.  We did have one major scare.  We moved our massive paint display and when putting it back against the wall the entire thing almost fell apart.  We had paint samples falling all over and 3 men and 2 girls with very wide eyes going “OMG!”.  My fabulous painter and his guys got it back together (thank goodness) and it will never be moved again…..ahh clean walls.

IMG_5585 IMG_5581 IMG_5582

We have been doing some hiring in the shop to help we out with our painting needs as well as the “potential” new location we will be opening in October.  I have not signed on the dotted line but we are very close so I did do some hiring for it since once we sign we will be up and running in 30 days (yes I do this with every location and people think I am crazy..which I am).  This is a short term pop up location for us to test the market in this area.  I am very excited about it and a bit terrified at the same time but I guess that’s what keeps the blood pumping, right? Here are a few interior pics of the pop up (not 100% my style on the walls but we can live with it short term)…..I’ll be sure to share when it is a done deal (and yes those are my babes in the stroller they came with me to this business meeting).

IMG_5322 IMG_5323

That’s all for now folks…..we started working on some AMAZING pieces in the warehouse yesterday (Monday) I’ll take some pictures and share them shortly.  We have a couple seats left in our SUMMER SALE paint class this weekend $59.  Register online here

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