Life’s little treasures

As all of you mommies know your kids grow up way too quick.  It seems like just a couple months ago that I was sleep deprived and wondering how I was going to juggle life, work and two babies.  Now my babies are turning 1 this weekend.  I still wonder most days how I am going to juggle everything but life has become much easier as Liam and Peyton have gotten bigger.

Yesterday they came to visit me at the new pop up shop in Mosaic District and it was such fun seeing them explore around the shop pulling up on furniture and loving all the new things to see.  They truly are life’s little treasures and each of those moments I am trying to take a deep breath and cherish because I know they too will pass and I’ll be wishing for the days that they couldn’t really walk, run, drive, etc.

I was snuggling with Liam last night (since he is in his sleep regression phase, lucky me) and looking down on his sweet little face and honestly I could barely remember just 6 months ago how small he was ….everything just blurs together.  Thank goodness for pictures and iPhone these days.  I have been playing around with an instant camera and printer that I got just to try and capture those little moments easily.


I am working on a little craft project for their birthday with photo’s, if it turn out cool I’ll share it!  If it’s a bust I’ll spare you all…what fun ideas have you guys done for your kids to keep the memories alive?

Here are a few pics of my love bugs coming around the new shop.  Grand Opening is October 10th 10am!  I’ll be sharing what all we have in store for opening day here in a bit!

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2 Responses to Life’s little treasures

  1. Christy says:

    When I was pregnant, I wrote a short paragraph to my daughter each week. When she was born, I added some pictures and turned it into a hard back book. She’s eleven months old now and I’ve continued the tradition, except I only write to her each month. I tell her what she’s learning, trips we’ve taken, foods/activities she likes, etc. I plan to turn this into a book with some pictures from her first year. Hopefully, these will be books she (and I) will cherish for years to come.

  2. Deborah says:

    I have a photo ornament for each of my boys, from their first Christmas until present. They are 25 and 20. It’s so much fun to see these every year when I get my decorations out. I have a special metal branch tree that I put them on.

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