Metallic Paint

You may have noticed that the last few months we have been playing around with some metallic paint.  We have done our research and decided to carry Modern Masters Metallic paint line in the shop.  We found that it went on smooth, dried fast and was a relatively easy paint to use for our DIY fanatics!


How to use it on furniture?

This is what we found works best – sand down your piece a little so that it will adhere then apply 2-3 coats depending how deep you want the color finally seal with wax for extra protection or leave it as is and just be a little gentle.

Color Selection

I have hand selected a variety of silver and golds for us to start with however they offer tons of options and provide larger containers as well which we can order for you if you find you have a larger project.  We used this paint don a few projects for us and one of a client and found the paint went really far so I thought starting with the smaller bottles was good for our customer base.

I have some pictures of a fabulous set that Stillskin Studios did using Modern Masters here…I know you are going to ask “Are you offering a class?” Yes!  To be announced shortly.

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 3.33.00 PM Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 3.33.14 PM

image source

Be sure you check our Classes + Events page to see what new and existing paint class and so much more we are offering in 2016!

Next Rough Luxe Market is January 29-31st! Mark your calendars we are STOCKED with furniture this month and have some new and exciting news about Rough Luxe Market in 2016…….

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  1. Jamie Chamberlin says:

    There is a coastal blue dresser with a gold stripe in your shop and I am curious as to what paint you used for that, one of these or Martha Stewart Vintage Gold? Thanks!

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