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So you want to purchase a DSLR but have no idea where to start.  I asked Lauren from Lauren Louise Photography who is teaching our photography classes if she would write a little “Beginners guide for picking the DSLR for beginnings”.  This is her advice for those of you itching to use your holiday money for a “fancy camera”.  Be sure to register online or in the shop for Photo 101 class so you can learn how to use your new camera!


A couple of things to consider when purchasing your DSLR:

1.) Cameras come in all shapes and sizes. DSLR stands for digital single-lens reflex. In every DSLR, there is a small circle (a sensor) that varies in size. The bigger the sensor, the easier it is to shoot in low light situations without having to use a flash. This also means $$$$. In the class you’ll be taking with me, I’m going to teach you how to utilize light to your advantage, no matter the sensor size, so if you’re on a budget, no worries! You are going to take SPECTACULAR images with your DSLR, no matter the price tag. 

2.) Canon or Nikon? As a beginner, it doesn’t matter. Plain and simple. I shoot canon but I’ve also shot nikon so I have knowledge on both. Whatever you purchase, I’m excited to help! 

3.) Stick with the kit. When purchasing your first DSLR camera, it will most likely come with what is called a “kit” lens. It’s a basic, no frills lens that’s perfect for beginners. I suggest waiting to purchase additional lenses until AFTER you see what type of photography you’re most interested in; action, portrait, landscape, etc. Different lenses are better suited for different styles and genres of photography. Also, when choosing a camera, note whether or not the camera comes with a lens at all. Some pricier DSLR cameras have the option to purchase without a lens. 

4.) Best Entry-Level Cameras. Here are a few cameras I recommend for beginners. Note that there are cheaper and more expensive DSLRs that will work JUST FINE if you decide to take my class! 

– Budget Friendly Canon: EOS Rebel sl1 (B&H sells this one with two kit lenses and a bag. It’s a GREAT deal!)

– Budget Friendly Nikon: D3300 (B&H also sells this one with two kit lenses and a bag. Another great deal!)

– Reasonably Priced Canon: Rebel T6i

– Reasonably Priced Nikon: D5500

– Pricier Canon: EOS 70D

– Pricier Nikon: D7100 

5.) Look for a deal. Once you’ve decided on the camera you’re going to buy, you need to see which store is offering a deal. Here are some places I suggest:

 -B&H Photo Video (Sometimes they offer rebates or a free printer with a certain purchase amount!)



-Calumet Photo

-Local Camera Shop (They tend to be more expensive but if they’re running high on inventory or happen to have last year’s model in stock, you might get lucky! It’s also nice to be able to speak with someone face to face.) 

 I look for ward to meeting you all at our first class PHOTO 101 !

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