Stylish Patina Living

We have been doing quite a bit of custom furniture painting these days in the warehouse (details on our services here).  A few weeks ago we had a local Architecture firm in Falls Church City ask us to refresh a table and chair set for them.  It was a beast of a job with 10 two toned chairs and a table with 3 leaves however; it looked beautiful when finished.  We had almost the entire SP team working on this project to get it finished!

Once it was picked up and put into it’s new home/office the owner sent Sarah an email with pictures.   In the email it said “we have been Stylish Patina’d” (not sure how you spell that).  It was so sweet to hear them say that and reminded me of a new series I have been wanting to do on the blog called Stylish Patina Living.  We do so much custom work for customers and also fill homes all over Northern Virginia + D.C. with our furniture and home decor elements I think it would be fun to share with you some other folks homes that have embraced Stylish Patina Living.

If you have a Stylish Patina home or room and want to share it with us to be featured on the blog please email me at with you pictures!

And now here is the table + chair reveal……..(drum roll please)

custom 1 custom 2

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