Design Trend: Adding Gold

We are seeing a lot more gold and brass in hardware + lighting right now especially in kitchens and I am loving it.  It makes me tempted to switch out my own hardware in my kitchen which I have considered but we did all white cabinetry and think the look really shines against black or gray cabinetry.  When we gutted this kitchen we were on a short time line and I considered getting daring and doing a 2 toned kitchen but in the end went with the best resell option (boring but still beautiful).

One thing I always think about with bringing in the gold/brass accents is how to work in the appliances.  Do you go with all “covered” appliances or can you mix the stainless with the gold/brass.  As I started thinking about this post I was checking out some of my all time favorite kitchens online and found that many are mixing in the stainless appliances and it looks beautiful.  So if you are feeling bold + chic when renovating your next kitchen this design trend is for you.  Here are a few of my favorite inspirational images from “the web” most found through Pinterest.

gold 2 gold 3 gold 4 gold 5 gold 6 gold 8 gold 9 gold hardware gold7

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