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Interior Design Tips + Tools – Window Treatments + Lamp Shade Styles

Today I am sharing some resources I found online to help you look at your options for window treatments.  Deciding on window treatments can leave you overwhelmed especially if you are having them created just for you.  You have to pick the style, then the fabric and finally pray that you made the right choice because it isn’t cheap to have them made!

I find the below cheat sheets helpful for you to at lease see all your options in one place and then you can dive into Pinterest and home decor magazines and look around and see what others have done with fabric in their spaces.  I am always pinning inspirational images on my Pinterest board for myself or future design clients, you can see them here.

window coverings

window treatments curtains 5 curtains3 custains 1 custains2 custains4

LAMP SHADES — How many times have you struggled to figure out what kind of a lamp shade you should get for a lamp?  See this handy dandy cheat sheet for lamp shade styles the next time you are struggling to pick just the right style shade!

lamp shade styles

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