Hemp Oil on Painted Furniture

This week I was working in the shop and decided to paint this vintage buffet we had in the shop that was just waiting for a makeover!


He is a great height but I don’t love the hardware. We lovingly call these “bat wings” when we are working on furniture.  I don’t know why I dislike them so much but I do so we usually paint + distress them.  I was going to paint him emerald green and do the hardware in gold but eventually I just decided on Aubusson Blue Chalk Paint one of my all time favorite colors.

I decided to leave the top the natural wood since it was in good shape.  After about one and a half coats of paint I grabbed my new Annie Sloan Sanding Sponges (which I do love) and distressed him. next I took a damp cloth and wiped off all the dust….time for top coat!  What should I do….wax, poly, try MMS tough coat, MMS hemp oil??  Hemp oil won out!


We sell this product but I hadn’t trie it yet and had been hearing good stuff so I decided to give it a whirl!  I refreshed my mind on how to use it you taking a look at the 2nd half of this MMS video tutorial on YouTube (she has GREAT videos!).

I personally used one of my older more beat up Annie Sloan brushes to apply it but she says you can use a natural brush or rag (be careful of lint!).

I only did one coat and then I took a lint free rag and wiped off the excess oil about 10 minutes after applying.  I wiped it down again at the end of the day.  It’s a little oily until it cures so I’m interested to check out the piece again today. The more coats you apply the higher the sheen.  So far I’m loving this new addition to my arsenal of top coats!  You can buy all the MMS paint products in the shop or online form us here!  Do you want more info on MMS Paint products check out this MMS section on our website!



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