Color Recipe of the Week : Navy Blue!

As many of you may have noticed, this year, Navy blue seems to have exploded. It’s on every designers color palette and is everyone’s favorite neutral this year. And with good reason, it really does go with just about every color. There’s something classic about navy blue, it feels like a happy mix of Traditional and trendy. Which, of course is right in line with our love of pieces that have a modern function with a vintage soul!

We’ve mentioned before that part of our love for the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint line is the fact that her color can be combined to create whatever you’re looking for. And while Navy blue doesn’t appear as one of her colors, there are numerous ways to achieve it. One of our favorite ways is to take Napoleonic blue, which is the closest to a navy blue, and to tone it done by adding just a hint of Barcelona orange. The trick is to add the orange little by little, because too much of it can muddy the color.

Adding the Black wax over top of the Napoleonic blue is the other way to darken that color to a more Navy blue kind of color. Try it either way!

Do you have any favorite color recipes? Comment them below for a chance to be featured on the blog!

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