Tip of the Week — How to add extra durability to pieces

Chalk Paint is such an incredible, easy and inexpensive way to update a piece. It gives pieces that’s seen better days or that is a little dated looking an instant facelift.

At least once a week we have customers come in looking to buy the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint with a plan to redo their dining room or kitchen tables. Even those who have worked with the medium before question how well it could hold up to such heavy traffic. So many want to know if its better to lacquer the piece or to wax it. The answer will depend on the finish you are going for, but if you do decide to wax, here are a couple tips to preserve your piece…

Once it is fully cured, a wax finish is durable and extremely easy to maintain. For surfaces like dining room tables, extra durability can be achieved by adding multiple (2-3) coats of clear wax. The wax may need to be touched up over time as it starts to wear, but you can extend the time between touchups by avoiding use of harsh chemicals when cleaning. Instead, try using mild soap and water on a soft rag to clean.

Here’s the best part of waxing: for those times when scratches, watermarks, and stains appear, all it takes is a little wax applied to the area to camouflage them in.

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