Wet Distressing

This table was repainted by one of our Painters in Residence, Tricia, and we love how she utilized the wet distress technique to bring out some of the details of the piece.

I found this table during one of my trips out to Lucketts a few years ago and I was  obsessed with the legs and unique shape of the table. It started as a really nice rich blue color, but overtime it started showing a lot of wear.

It took me forever to choose a color for it, but eventually I landed on Emile. I knew before I started painting that I wanted 

to highlight some of the details on the piece and also let some of the blue show through. As soon as I see engravings of any kind on a piece of furniture, my mind instantly goes to a wet distress technique. It is simple to do and can be a softer alternative to traditional distressing techniques.

I started with three slightly watered-down coats of Emile and let it dry. Not long after it dried, I grabbed one of my “better than cheese cloth” rags, wet it and started gently rubbing away the freshly-dried paint in the areas that I wanted the blue to show through underneath.  And I love how it turned out!


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