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By now you all know that we love the look of a two-tone distress. Especially when it’s done in two bright, contrasting shades. It’s an easy technique but super high-impact. The best part is, there is no way for two pieces to look exactly a like. And it’s up to you which color you want to see more of. Check out this two-tone distress from one of our Painters in Residence, Lucy.

Lucy started by painting the base of the chair in Primer Red. She used two light coats of paint to give it full coverage. Once that was completely dry, she added another two coats of Emile on top of that to ensure she would have control of where the Primer Red would show through.
Once the coats of Emile dried, Lucy sealed the chair with clear wax. She grabbed her distressing tools (this time she went will varying grits of sand paper) and started sanding back to expose some of the Primer red. She focused her attention first on those areas that would receive the most natural wear and tear (corners, edges, and high points). 

What do you guys this of the final product? We love how the two colors compliment each other and don’t compete. Love the look? Check out our two-tone distress tutorial here 

Then stop in and grab your supplies, or order them online here

Happy Painting!

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