Wee the People

It’s officially the Holiday season! Which means the race to find the perfect gift for all the special people, big and small, in our lives has begun! This week, we have decided to shine the spotlight on one of our local vendors, WEE the PEOPLE. We are carrying their onesies in our store and they are absolutely adorable. But more importantly, we love the messaging behind the brand!

Photo Courtesy of WEE the PEOPLE

At WEE the PEOPLE, they believe the idea of America and what it should be is not inherited, it’s taught. And what better way is their to teach the meaning of America, than inspiring a love for our country and history at a young age. Did we mention they are adorable and feature this sweet little design?

Come check out these little onesies at our Falls Church location or stop in at either locations for more amazing holiday gifts!

Happy Shopping!

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