Tip of the Week: Dry Brushing

We never get sick of the look of Chalk Paint and we absolutely love working with is. But every so often, we get the urge to experiment and play around with the product, just to keep things interesting. When it is as easy as Chalk Paint, you never have to commit to one color or finish forever. In fact, I think most of our staff members have at least one piece in their homes that have been painted and repainted a couple times. Sometimes it’s just nice to switch things up and make your space feel new again. But, if you don’t feel like repainting your piece, or if you’re looking to add some more dimension, dry brushing may be the next thing for you to give a go!

Once your get the hang of it, dry brushing is so easy to do. It’s all about making sure you’re working with a light hand and the right amount of paint on the brush.

For our sample board, we started with two coats of Coco. We chose to dry brush on two colors, Old Ochre and Honfleur. For this technique, we prefer using a coarser type brush or one with stiffer bristles.

The most important part of dry brushing is making sure you don’t have too much paint on your brush. You’ll want to just barely touch your bristles to the paint and wipe off any excess. We like to keep a piece of cardboard nearby for this purpose.

With your brush at a 45 degree angle, lightly drag your brush across the surface. In a similar way to when you distress, it’s best to focus initially on the corners and edges. Where you go from there is entirely up to you!

Once the piece is completely dry, seal it with wax. (We used clear and dark wax over top of our board) Check out the final product


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