Tip of the Week: Polyurethane Top Coats

Every so often, we have a customer that comes into the store that loves Chalk Paint and loves the idea of how easy and user friendly it is, but wants more of a modern look or more of a high shine finish. You have two options for how to achieve that look. One option is to try buffing over Annie Sloan’s clear wax 24 hours after applying it. Your other option is to apply a wax based polyurethane top coat over the chalk paint. (This option is a little bit less forgiving).

One of our favorite polyurethane top coats to use is the one made by General Finishes. It comes in a variety of different finishes from flat to high gloss making it easy to achieve the finish you want. Just remember the rule of thumb when using poly top coats: the more you mess with it, the cloudier it will look. In other word’s, apply it and leave it alone!

Check out this tutorial from General Finishes for more information.


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