Tip of the Week: Tinting clear wax with Chalk Paint

Did you know that you can use chalk paint to tint clear or dark wax? Last week, we talked about how to use dark wax and how you can lighten it a couple different ways. But you can mix paint in with any of the waxes to get your desired color! Once wiped away, it leaves behind a subtle hint of color that can add so much interest to a piece. Keep scrolling for a how to!

  1. We started by painting our sample board as we normally would, with two light coats of chalk paint. (We chose Paris Grey for our project!) Then we waited until the piece was completely dry.
  2. We mixed the about 1/3 paint to 1 part wax. You can play around with the proportions depending on how intense you want the color, but you it should still feel closer to the consistency of wax than paint.
  3.  To show the contrast and for the purposes of this “how to,” we chose to tint our clear wax with Amsterdam Green. Once the paint is fully incorporated into the wax, you can start waxing as usual. In a similar way to the tinted waxes, the paint/wax mixture settles into recessed areas of the piece, highlighting some of the brush strokes.

Full disclosure, we started out by tinting the wax with Old Violet and it looked beautiful over the Paris Grey, but we needed a darker color for the purposes of the how to. It’s definitely worth keeping in mind for some of your projects though! We love how this technique leaves behind just a subtle trace of color. Scroll down for pictures of the final result!



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