Tip of the Week: The Leftover Paint Dilemma

Figuring out whether to buy the can of paint or just multiple small project pots can be a little tricky. Personally, I think it always makes sense to go for the can if you know it will take more than one small project pot to complete your project. There have been so many times where I have fallen just short in the amount of paint and wished I had gone for the larger size. Other times, I have just a little extra paint that isn’t enough to paint another piece, but enough that I don’t want to just throw it away. Hold on to that extra paint, there are so many fun and creative ways it can come in handy! Keep scrolling for a list of some of our favorites.

Color Mixing: you never know when that tiny bit of Antibes or Barcelona orange might come in handy for customizing a paint color to achieve the exact shade you want. Creating a custom shade is so easy with chalk paint. Check out a few of our favorite color recipes here.

Paint the sides of drawers: We love painting the sides of drawers or the bottoms of drawers in a fun contrasting shadefor an unexpected pop of color. It’s such a fun way to personalize your piece.

Along the lines of adding an unexpected pop of color… Did you know Chalk Paint sticks to metal? We love how this piece has been given a little extra interest with the painted hardware. It’s such a great way to update dated hardware inexpensively.

Transform boring terracotta pots into one of a kind works of art. Whether you decide to tackle this project solo or recruit the kids for help, this is a great way to add interest and personality to your home. We love the bold geometric patterns on these planters!

Along with sticking to metal, chalk paint sticks to glass as well. We love how these boring glass candlesticks have been given a Bohemian, eclectic feel with Chalk Paint. PS there are always an abundance of these at thrifts stores waiting for you to rescue!

How beautiful does this wreath look with the touches of Antibes, Emperor’s Silk, Florence and Giverny? We think this could really transform an inexpensive or uninteresting wreath into something really special!

What are your favorite ways to use that last little bit of Chalk Paint? Find these and more inspirational ideas in Annie Sloan’s latest book, Annie Sloan Paints Everything, available in the shop!

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