Paint Tip: The Wax Resist Method for Distressing

There are a million different way to distress, with each giving you a slightly different finish and a way to really make a piece your own. This week, we thought we would share our tips for the “Wax Resist” method. It’s a great way to give an aged, layered paint look common in coastal settings. And it really is easy!

  1. The first step is obviously to choose you color palette. The number of colors is entirely up to you (we chose three), but you’ll want them to have enough of a contrast that the you’ll see each color come through distinctly. For the purposes of creating a coastal look, we chose Provence, Old Ochre, and Louis Blue
  2. The first step is to paint your base color, which we chose Provence for. You’ll want to save the color you want to come through the most for your final coat. We two light coats.
  3. Once the paint has dried, you can take either a candlestick or beeswax and rub wax onto different areas of your piece. We chose to start with the random patterns across the highpoint, but this is your chance to get creative!
  4. Apply the next color of paint and watch as the paint refuses to stick to the areas you applied wax. If some paint initially seems to be sticking to the wax, don’t worry. It doesn’t mean you messed up. More paint will be pulled off those areas during the final application of wax.
  5. If you chose to work with more than two colors as we did, repeat steps 3-4 for as many colors as you choose.
  6. Once you’ve applied your final color and the paint has dried to a chalk matte finish, it’s your chance to choose what kind of a top coat to work with. We chose a clear wax, but you may opt to add another tinted wax over top depending on the final look you are going for. But remember, if you choose to use white wax, you will want to apply it directly to the surface rather than over top of the clear wax.

Remember the amount of wax you apply with determine how much of each color comes through!

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