Design Process

We are a full-service boutique interior design firm specializing in the design of entire homes, individual rooms, inspiration boards, restaurants and retail locations.


Submit a project inquiry to  I will email you details with an overview of our services & fees. If you like what you see, we’ll set up a consultation at the design studio in Falls Church to find out about your design space. After the initial meeting or phone call we can decide is we are a good fit for your project.   We’ll go over your project & desired budget, the design process, our fees, and any other questions or concerns you may have.

STEP 2: Onsite Survey

Once we have agreed to move forward we will meet with you at  your home or project site to discuss what you are looking to accomplish.  This is an opportunity for us to understand how you live or will be living in the space.  We will take measurements and talk about paint colors, etc. An estimate of the number of hours that will be required to design your home will be presented after this step.


We will create a design strategy for your home or space based on our discussions and meetings we have had previously.  The design will be presented through the use of photos, sketches, fabric, paint, flooring samples and other materials we recommend. This presentation will take place at SP Interiors Design Studio or at your home, depending upon the needs of your project. At this point, the design can have one round of revisions and then it will be approved into a final design plan.


Once you approve the design, furnishings and materials are ordered and all painting, construction and other work is scheduled by David, your project manager, who is there for you, make sure that all of your needs are met, from answering your questions, to arranging deliveries, to coordinating with contractors through installation & punch list.


A room isn’t completed until it’s been “fluffed” and filled with things resonate with you and your family.  We will install this final layer of accessories during the last phase of the project.


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