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Our current home we bought in August 2014 while I was (am at the moment) 8 months pregnant with twins.  It as well is/was a gut job but this time we had a 2 month time frame to get it at least livable before our twins are born (expected early October 2014).  You can see all the post on this project in our 2 months, 2 babies, 1 house blog series here.

200 2 months 2 babies

Here is a before picture of our current home, to see the renovations click here.

walk through day

Our last home was a gut job from the beginning.  My husband and I bought this home  in 2009 and gutted it down to the studs, ripped out a bunch of walls and put it all back together.  It’s a tiny little Dutch Colonial just @ 1200 sq ft but we love it.  The yard is huge and in the end that is what we loved.

This was my 2nd home renovation project and I do love them {most of the time}.  Here are a few pictures of my home, you will notice that I enjoy mixing styles.  I like to think of it as where vintage meets modern.

IMG_9105 IMG_9109 IMG_9110 IMG_9193 IMG_9266
As with everyones home mine is constantly evolving so here are a few other pictures of the house.



Sitting area in the bedroom

7 Responses to My Home

  1. Dannie says:

    You have a very lovely home. I am working on mines as we write. I only wish I had some help. Keep up the good work.

  2. Emily says:

    Hi! I love your blog and your home is beautiful! Do you mind to share the name of the paint color on your walls? (I can’t tell if they’re all the same, but they look like it.) I am moving in two weeks and am looking for a very light, neutral paint like yours for my kitchen and some other areas. Thanks!!

    • Hi Emily they are 3 different shades and the colors are

      Artist’S Canvas UL150-8 – kitchen and office
      Bleached Linen UL140-13 – this I used in the living room & bedroom

      and then for a light grey I love – this is in my space in FC shop
      Silver Tradition ICC-23

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