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Kelly Millspaugh Thompson the owner of Stylish Patina was selected to be the exclusive distributor of Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan in the Northern Virginia and DC region.  She is highly recognized as a leader in the furniture transformation industry.  Buy chalk paint online or at our shop, Stylish Patina in Falls Church, Virginia! – See more FAQ’s here.

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Learn more about Chalk Paint product and classes on the website and in the shop.

Here are a few commonly asked questions!

Do you use a special brush to paint with chalk paint?

Nope. Regular old brush I like Purdy medium grade from Home Depot BUT if you want a fabulous finish I do recommend our Annie Sloan brushes they are to die for!

1. Before using- flip it upside down and shake good! The pigment is at the bottom of the can.

2. Store the paint at room temperature.

3. Use the paint and wax at room temperature and make sure the furniture piece you are painting are at room temp ideally {although I have tested this myself when desperate}.

4. Make sure the lid is on tightly after using and do not leave the can open for extended periods the paint will thicken.   You can add a little bit of water  if needed.

How many colors are available?

TONS! There are give or take 29+ colors, but when you account for mixing and playing with variations of hues- you can think of it as 1,000′s.  I love mixing old white and old ochre with coco.

What kind of finish does the paint have?

Without a protective coat, the paint has a very matte/chalky (hence the name) finish but still smooth.   If you don’t apply wax it will age with time and be more “shabby chic”.

What kind of protective finish do you use?

I use Annie Sloan clear wax. It doesn’t change the paint color just deepens it.   You can also use dark wax as well if you are looking for a more antique or aged look.  Be careful with the application it can be tricky.

To create more luster or shine, use a soft cloth to buff the wax after it’s dried for about an hour.  I believe the wax finish creates a very luxurious finish….it should feel like velvet when done correctly!

Do you use a special brush for applying the wax?

Well, that depends. You can use a lint free cloth, cheese cloth or an old paint brush however; If you plan on doing more than one Annie Sloan Chalk Paint project- or a big piece – you may want to consider a wax brush. They are not inexpensive- but make the wax application so much easier. They retail at $36 for the big ones and $31 for the smaller ones {good for smaller items}!  If you plan on doing a lot of furniture- you should have one for clear wax and one for dark.  If you have a tight budget – just use a lint free rag.

Do you do anything special to apply the wax?

Apply it lightly.  Annie says work in small areas and lightly wipe off extra wax with a clean soft rag or towel. Let the wax dry till it is touchable and not tacky- usually about an hour. Then you can buff it with a clean – lint free rag. The more you buff- the smoother the finish will feel to the touch and shinier the effect. If you are applying multiple coats of wax…lightly rub out each coat- but only buff the last coat if you are going for a shinier finish.

Basic Suggestions for a 2 tone effect:

1. Choose a base coat. Often Old White or Pure White.  Apply lightly. Coat the whole piece, and don’t worry about total coverage. Let dry for an hour or so.

2. Apply your second coat the level of thickness is up to you and the look you are going for.  Remember much of this is personal preference.  Have fun with it!

3. Brush on a coat of Annie Sloan Clear Wax using a wax brush/tint free rag or cheese cloth. Your piece will get darker and smoother, taking on a new look. Let dry at least 30 minutes to an hour so that the wax is no longer tacky to the touch. Then using sandpaper  (Annie prefers NO steel wool), rub and distress it until it has an aged, worn look. Concentrate on corners, edges and legs, etc.  basically anything that would naturally get worn.

4. Brush on Annie Sloan Dark Wax if you so choose {not required}.  It is recommended to have a second wax brush/or cloth to apply the dark wax.   This wax gives a smooth, satin finish and highlights details. Be careful not to use too much Dark Wax a little goes a long way.  You can use a cloth and even a little clear wax on a rag to help even out the dark wax finish.

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25 Responses to Chalk Paint

  1. we are a homefurnishings retailer…can I buy the paints at wholesale for use on product in our store that we will resell…and how???

  2. Jennifer Groves says:

    Hi Kelly- I bought twin beds from your March barn sale and the paint at your shop in Falls church last week. I have done the first color of paint and about to do the 2nd color and then wax/distress. When you distress what sandpaper grade (is that the right terminology??) do you use. A fine one I assume? I think I reas somewhere it was 100 grit?
    Thanks for your help! Jenn

  3. kelly arent says:

    Hi Kelly! Just found your site…so excited to follow you. I have been using ascp for only about 6 months now…a little afraid to explore different techniques still. I would love to attend a class somewhere close to me…I’m in Michigan….happen to know anyone near that is knowledgable in the paint. I think they had a class in Chicago sometime ago but missed it. Anywho….will be stalker all painters for great tips. Have a great day.

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  5. Amanda says:

    I am refinishing some kitchen cabinets and love the shabby chic look. I am concerned with cleanability. Would this paint be a good option?

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  7. Victoria says:

    I want to paint a small hutch – will one can of the paint be enough?

  8. jan says:

    I have painted a chest of drawers with the white chalk paint and applied the clear wax. I’m not too happy with the finish because I can see brush strokes easily. Can I sand after wax? Am I stuck and need to just paint over with regular semi gloss paint? Help

    • Yes you can paint and sand over the wax if you want. The brush stroked may be b/c your paint is too thick. try sanding with 400/600 grit sand paper or you can do another coat on top of the wax {but maybe dilute the paint a little so you don’t have the brush strokes.

  9. Rebecca Bramblet says:

    I recently purchase some Annie Sloan paint from you to paint a crib with. I plan on waxing it afterward with Minwax paste. I got to thinking I better check to see if this combination is safe to use on a crib or if you know if either product is toxic to babies. Sometimes they like to gnaw on the bars and I dont want to do anything that could be harmful to the baby. I would appreciate your feedback. Thanks,

    • Hi Rebecca,
      I don’t use minwax, I prefer the Annie Sloan wax but you have a good point with the baby knawing question. You could also use beeswax which might be a safer non toxic option?

  10. Jessica says:

    Hi – I just purchased a can of Aubusson blue paint & dark wax. I think i’m doing this wrong. Do I have to also use clear wax? Like first use clear then the dark to give it the antique finish? Also – I like the color of the piece of example furniture on the Annie Sloan website but can’t tell – do you know if white is mixed into the pieces? I am painted a wood coffee table/chest. It is already painted (sort of) with a white. I’m not sure if I should go back to the Falls Church store & get the clear wax & white paint?

    • hi!
      You should always do a coat of clear wax before the dark wax so you can control how the dark wax goes on. It is not that easy to use and takes some getting used to.

      I’m not sure which picture you like on the website if you wanted to email me the picture {} I can help. if you want white to come through under the Aubusson but you item is already white you might not need to do a coat of white just use what you have.

      I have a Cahlk Paint Basics class coming up Sept 22nd 2-4 in Falls Church if you want some hands on experience with the paint and someone there to answer you questions why you try the techniques – you can see more info on it here –

  11. Nina says:

    I have a few projects I will be working on and just have a couple questions regarding painting and waxing. When using Annie’s chalk paint, do you recommend sanding prior? I assume with a lacquer finish you would strip first? If just painting with one color do you normally do two coats of paint before waxing? Lastly, do you wax the whole piece after painting and after drying, does the wax act like a hardened coating? Thanks in advance and can’t wait to hear from you!

    • Hi Nina,
      The beauty of the chalk paint product is that no sanding or priming are required! You should apply the paint then you can distress and then wax or wax and then distress its up to you.

      The wax is a protective coat and takes 2-4 weeks to cure with the paint. I teach a basics class in falls church is you are ever interested email me!

  12. Kristen says:

    I’m trying my first project with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. After reading the wax can, it state that it’s not recommended for areas with a lot of water. This is problematic since this I have a 2 and 4 year old using this table daily. My question is this, would I be able to cover the paint with a coat of polyurethane to keep avoid having to constantly reapply the wax?

    • hi, you can’t leave a wet glass sitting on top of the furniture but it does repel it. That being said you can use a coat of poly as well. i sell a high performace poly by General finishes at the shop in FC and will be adding to the online store too.

      • Jenny B. says:

        Hello, I am painting my kitchen cabinets with Annie Sloan Old White on the uppers and Duck Egg on the lowers. I have tried and tried to apply the AS soft wax evenly, but it is blotchy/streaky no matter what I do. I am not wanting a distressed look, and love how the paint looks by itself, but it need a protective coating since it is in the kitchen. I’m considering painting over what I’ve waxed and applying a poly instead. Would you recommend the General Finishes polyacrylic for this? Or the I want to make sure that whatever I put on the Old White does not cause it to yellow. I’m also concerned about how difficult applying the poly will be and if I’ll be able to do it without a lot of brush strokes. Any tips? Thanks!

        • Jenny B. says:

          I meant to say… or the General Finishes High Performance water-based top coat. 🙂 I’ve also thought about Minwax Polycrylic, but I’m reading mixed reviews on whether or not it actually causes yellowing (it’s not supposed to since it’s water-based, but some people say it still does). Thanks again.

  13. shana says:

    We want to paint over all the trim in our house that is now a glossy cream. Is chalk paint okay for this? We want to do all matte white and are concerned about it peeling off the glossy finish.