Shop Policies

In our retail shop items all items except for furniture can be returned or exchanged within 14 days as long as the items are unopened and have a valid store receipt.  All furniture sales are FINAL.

At our rough luxe market that we open Saturday 10-5pm ALL SALES FINAL.

4 Responses to Shop Policies

  1. Karina Morrison says:

    I have been wanting to ask you about something. I took a paint class with you. I am an artist and got into refinishing furniture in the last 3 years as a hobby.
    I painted a big bedroom set with Anny Sloan that I need to part if because if moving to a smaller place. I have been wondering if you pick up pieces from other artist to sell in your shop or the Rough Luxe warehouse. I am thinking to take the whole set of King size bed with mattress and boxes, tall dresser, mirror dresser and two night stands all with marble top painted in A mix of Duck egg blue, pure white and old white with touches of olive green.
    I thought I would not loose anything by asking.
    I am at work now so can email pics but I can do that if there is a possibility.

    Karina Morrison
    Reston VA

  2. Ann Monteleone says:

    I have received two pictures from your store as a Christmas gift. I would love to exchange or return them – what is your policy? Thanks and look forward to hearing from you soon!

    Ann Monteleone

  3. Elaine logan says:

    I recently ordered a shipment of paint through your website, and have done so in the past with no problem. However, upon receiving my recent shipment it is completely unusable. When I went to pick it up, my order was enclosed in a garbage bag because the paint cans had opened and ruined the boxes. Apparently it had arrived at our local post office in this condition. I don’t know who to contact to rectify the situation. There is no way to return these paints, nor would you want me to try. can you offer any solutions or is it the responsibility of the post offices though which it was delivered???? Thank you for your help.


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