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The Lifestyle

What is Stylish Patina all about? Honestly it's just about helping people find a house they like + turning it a home they LOVE. 

I feel lucky to have been able to create a business out of what I love to do. My dad introduced me to the Real Estate world when I was young and both my parents love antiquing. So I guess it's not surprising that I am a realtor + own a home decor business. 

I started out in Corporate America and worked my way up the ladder. I got my MBA and then bailed on it all to follow my dreams.  I guess it paid off!

LOVES: burts beeswax chappy . flip flops . coffee . red wine .  family . vintage anything . cool summer nights . snow days . movies on the couch with the crazy kids

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my favorite DIY GUIDE

Everything you need to know about Color Theory so that you can design, paint and curate like a PRO! 

the little things 



I'm a sucker for a fixer upper project


Go to beauty products...
I keep it simple,tinted Chapstick, mascara +
eye shadow


I'm a total bargain hunter but send way to much money on coffee

I'm a home body + love watching movies on the couch with my hubby

My favs

Family hikes in the wild, relaxing weekends, local grub, hot coffee, cold ice cream, Netflix & a great baseball hat+flip flops

NOT a fan

Voicemail just text me, wasting time on BS, keepin' up with the Jones, artificial people, artificial plants, excuses

agree? we're probably a great fit.

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questions about
Real Estate, Design or custom furiture painting? 

Let me know how I can answer your questions or get you the information you might be needing!  Send me an email and lets get to know eachother!